32 DIY Garden Projects Your Kids Will Love

Want to get your child involved in some do-it-yourself garden projects? Gardening has many benefits, and encouraging your child to grow their own food gives them a sense of accomplishment and independence. Here are some easy and fun garden projects for kids. 

1. Recycled Garden Box

Ask your child to help find something that is durable, which can be used as a garden box. This project is safe and fun for children and will encourage them to grow their fruits and vegetables. 

2. Seed Bombs

These do-it-yourself Seed Bombs are easy, effective and your child will love making them. They will enjoy watching the seeds grow.  

3. Pizza Shaped Garden

Have your child decide how many plants they want to choose, and then divide up your pizza triangles accordingly. This is one of the most fun garden projects for kids.

4. Carnivorous Garden

Carnivorous plants that eat bugs are fascinating. Your child will find eating time enjoyable to watch. You can add some moss to keep the moisture in and to give your garden a boggy look. 

5. Indoor Fairy Garden

Get creative and allow your child to gather some sticks, pebbles, rocks, and natural items from the outdoors to make miniature furniture for the fairies. 

6. Beach-Themed Garden

Use small toys in your house, or check out these creative homemade versions of natural beach-themed decorations that you and your child can make together. 

7. Hotel for Lady-Bugs

Your child will love to help you make a hotel for ladybugs that keeps them hidden and safe from the elements and predators. It is a great way to protect your garden without using harmful pesticides. 

8. Countertop Herb Garden

To make your very own indoor herb garden, all you need is a small container or food cans, rocks, soil, and herbs. Set up your containers and decorate them to compliment your home décor. 

9. Hanging Herb Garden

If you are short on space, these hanging herb gardens are a perfect project for you and your child. By using recycled containers or tin cans, you can repurpose them into beautiful hanging planters.

10. Eggshell Seed Starters

Use recycled eggshells as plant holders to begin to sprout your seeds. Your child can quickly get involved with this Eggshell Seed Starter project and take pride in watching their seed begin to grow. 

11. Cat-Friendly Garden

Carefully follow the instructions and add some catnip, mint, and other cat-friendly herbs found here. Your child will feel proud to give this gift to your cat. 

12. DIY Refrigerator Magnet Terrariums

These low-maintenance plants can stick right onto your refrigerator door or any other metal surface. You and your child can easily add some moss to magnetic containers and watch them grow right in your kitchen.

13. A Mini Greenhouse

By using recycled plastic containers, your child can select some seeds to start the growing process. This is a great space-saving plant growing experience that you and your child can do together. 

14. Recycled Bottle Bird Feeders

Allow your child to use their creative skills by using some recycled bottles and a small saucer to make these cute and earth-friendly bird feeders. 

15. Lettuce Sphere 

Let your child help prepare your family’s salads by hanging your lettuce in your home to access quickly. Watch this step-by-step video on How to Grow a Lettuce Sphere with your child.

16. Miniature Terrarium Favors

Have your child make this take-home miniature Terrarium favors for your next event. Use the unique place settings during your meal.  

17. Newspaper Seed-Starter Pots

Your child can take pride in planting hundreds of seeds and making the pots from recycled newspaper. By taking a few newspaper sections and following these simple steps, your child will have a Seed-Starter pot for their plants in no time. 

18. Recycled Garden Markers

Allow your child the satisfaction of using recycled bottles as garden markers. Let them use their creative abilities to decorate bottles so they can identify what items are in their garden. 

19. Kid-Sized Garden Tote

By giving your child their very own kid-sized garden tote, they will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as they participate in the daily gardening duties.  

20. Sand Art Terrarium

Ask your child to add sand to a small, clear container to create their very own sand-art Terrarium. They will be proud to show off their creation to all of your visitors. 

21. Charming Mossy Chair

Your child can use an old chair to use as a statement piece in your very own garden. You and your child can work together to create this Charming Mossy Chair. 

22. Eco-Friendly Bird Feeders

Here are some Eco-Friendly Bird Feeder ideas that you and your child can make together inexpensively. Your child can enjoy watching the birds feed on their very own homemade creation. 

23. Sprout-o-Saurus

Use a sponge and cut it into some fun, child-friendly shapes as a place to grow sprouts. Parents can do this cute project easily by following a few simple steps. 

24. Creative Containers

Choose unique containers to give a variety of plants a home. Take a look at some of these unique ideas to spruce up your planters and get your children involved in gardening. 

25. Ombre Rain Chain

This eco-friendly rain chain is attached to your downspout to help water your flower bed. With only a few terra-cotta pots and a chain, you can teach your child about the importance of rain conservation. 

26. Edible Birdhouse

Birds will flock to your Edible Birdhouse. Use dried fruit and seeds to decorate an existing birdhouse frame and enjoy watching the birds with your child. 

27. Dino Planter

You and your children can carefully and safely transform their old dinosaur toys into a plant holder. Remove the extremities and fill them with soil. 

28. Stone Garden Marker

This simple and effective way to label the plants in your garden will bring you and your child joy. It is the perfect, inexpensive project to add some DIY life to your garden. 

29. Regrow Veggies

Teach your child how to use the new growth from old fruits and vegetables to grow new crops. Use any of these 9 Plants to regrow your veggies. 

30. School-Inspired Planter

This is a great teacher gift. Encourage your child to use recycled rulers as a base for your planter. 

31. Mini Woodland Garden

Topped with a decorative cork and filled with a small plant, these small glass containers would make the perfect gift for your child to give to someone special. 

32. Felt Veggie Garden

It is not always possible to garden all year round, so this Felt Veggie Garden idea is perfect for your younger, indoor gardener. 

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