Great Educational Nature Books For Preschoolers

With climate change a hot topic of conversation, get your kids involved early-on. The following books teach vital lessons about the environment with fun stories to follow.  

A Stone Sat Still by Brendan Wenzel

Beautifully illustrated and easy to follow along, A Stone Sat Still revolves around an unlikely main-character, a solitary rock. The stone doesn’t move or gain magical powers to talk and move. It does something more important; it provides a playground, home, and environment for the critters around it. 

With each page comes a new creature and a new way in which the rock is used. A Stone Sat Still sends a well-curated message through colorful pictures and characters about how nature is interconnected and is a great nature book for preschoolers. The message is important to develop a deeper understanding of nature’s importance and connecting with other people. 

The Hike by Alison Farrell

Follow along as three young friends set off on an adventure into the lush, green wildlife around them in the children’s book, The Hike. As the friends race around in nature having fun and learning new skills, they pass through many areas, including forests and mountains. 

Along the way, you’ll notice little labels accompanying the flora, fauna, and wildlife around them as extra nuggets of information. 

While fun and intricately detailed, the book tells the story of friendship and how rewarding nature can be. The Hike emphasizes that there’s more out there in the world to explore than a phone screen. An especially crucial concept to learn during a time of smartphones and electronic gadgets. 

Curious George Plants a Tree by H.A. Rey

Curious George, a beloved children’s book character, is back to his shenanigans in this installment but with the lesson of conservation and sustainability. In the story, simply put, the cute monkey takes a trip to the museum where he learns about a day dedicated to planting trees and recycling. 

Eager to participate, you follow Curious George as he does his part picking up trash and getting the neighbors together to help plant trees. The story is both cute and informative with illustrations to match. George’s journey entertains but ultimately promotes the importance of taking care and giving back to the environment. 

The Wump World by Bill Peet

In a magical world, not that far off from our own, live the Wumps. Cute, furry creatures who graze in green pastures. The Pullutians invasion, human-like creatures that begin destroying the environment to build cities, soon throw the Wump’s world into disarray. The Wumps flee for safety and don’t emerge until the Pollutians move on to a new planet. 

The world the Wumps return to is vastly different. The air is thick with pollution, and buildings loom where the green fields once grew. The story cautions readers about the dangers and transformative power of pollution. 

The Wump World teaches children that our actions toward the environment have consequences. Although, it relays a more hopeful message. In the end, as greenery begins sprouting through the cracks, the story emphasizes the possibility to reform. 

My Friend Earth by Patricia MacLachlan

My Friend Earth celebrates the Earth through personification, dazzling design, and an interactive layout. The story focuses on the Earth as though it were a young girl. The narrator details all of the things Earth does in a celebratory way through poetic prose. Earth takes care of all animals, creates summer rain showers, and whispers wintery snow flurries. 

Pictures and little interactive bits and pieces accompany each page to get kids involved with one of the best nature books for preschoolers. The story details all of the positive things that the Earth does and gives to us so that children and readers alike can focus on those same aspects. Overall, My Friend Earth teaches children to cherish and celebrate the Earth and the environment every day.  

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